Video Reveals Powerful New Training...

Let's Plumb These 6 Bathrooms Together (As a Team)...

It's like virtual on the job training...

Calling all DIYers,

Wouldn't it be awesome if you and I could plumb some bathrooms together as a team?

You could watch over my shoulder as I show you how a code approved bathroom comes together...

You'd learn a lot of tricks of the trade (that a lot of pro's would never share with you)...

And what pitfalls to avoid (so you'd never fail a plumbing inspection)...

Think of all the time you'd save...

And better yet...

The feeling to know your project was done the right way (and up to code)...

But you're probably wondering...

"How's that possible Dylan? I could never shadow you on a job site." 

Well, thanks to some pretty amazing 3D modeling software, you learn by watching right over my shoulder...

Here's what's inside this cutting edge training:

Part 1: Virtual On-the-Job Training

  We go inside these bathroom models and plumb each one together.
  Watch over my shoulder as the drains and vents come to we're on the job-site together.
  After going through this training, you'll have a solid understanding of how to plumb any bathroom (with any layout).
  The training is very user friendly. Anybody can follow it, regardless of their skill level. Go through it at your own pace. These videos are all pre-recorded.


Lots of folks get hung up with DWV plumbing (drains, waste & vent)...

And if you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over the code…

Or baffled by some of the strange and bizarre rules of plumbing

Let me just tell you it’s not your fault, it happens to nearly everyone.

This series of powerful tutorial videos is going to clear up all your drain and vent confusion.

Each video is a bite sized chunk that won’t overwhelm you.

But don’t underestimate these videos because they’re short…

These videos reveal the fundamental building blocks of drain and vent plumbing.

Part 3: BONUS Trainings:


How To Plumb A Whole House Using the "Rinse & Repeat" Plumbing Method

 This might surprise you, but you can plumb a whole house using only 2 specific venting patterns. It doesn’t matter if it's a toilet, sink, washing machine, tub, floor drain or shower...once you see these two patterns, plumbing your next fixture is as simple as “Rinse & Repeat.” Just copy one of the patterns because it works for any fixture in your’ll love it.


The weird “Wet Vent” that plumbs an entire bathroom using ONLY ONE VENT. 

 This may sound insane but it’s entirely legal (and 100% up to code) to plumb a bathroom using only 1 vent. It’s also drop-dead simple. That’s why it’s the #1 go-to vent for most pros. You'll save yourself tons of time using this vent. We’ll show it to you inside this special bonus.


The “Bucket of Water Technique” shows you how to position vent fittings (just like the pros). 

 Lots of folks position tees in the vent system all wrong. Few people know there is a special technique that ensures they're correctly installed (and up to code). But after you watch this bonus training, you’ll laugh at how simple it really is. You'll never have to cut a tee out because it's oriented wrong.


Everything You Need To Know
About the Labor Saving AAV.

 AAVs will save you astronomical amounts of time, pain and money...

Why? Instead of taking your vent out the roof, take it to an AAV (in many cases). One properly installed AAV can even vent an entire bathroom...

This means less holes to drill, less time on the job and more money in your pocket.

But before you even think about installing an AAV, you have to be familiar with the rules and code behind them. 

If you don’t know what you're doing, not only can you fail an inspection, but your fixtures won’t be vented properly.

Inside this bonus I’ll tell you everything you need to know to ensure you’re doing it right and up to code.


 The Drains and Vents for DIYers Online Plumbing Course. Over 25 on-demand videos (normally priced $197).
 BONUS TRAINING #1: How To Plumb a whole house using the “Rinse & Repeat” Plumbing Method ($25 value).
 BONUS TRAINING #2: The weird “Wet Vent” that plumbs bathrooms w/ ONLY ONE VENT. ($25 value).
 BONUS TRAINING #3: The “Bucket of Water Technique” shows you how to position vent fittings just like the pros. ($25 value).
 BONUS TRAINING #4: Everything You Need To Know About the Labor Saving AAV ($50 value).
 30-DAY Risk Free Guarantee: If you aren't 100% satisfied with the training, email: (within the first 30-days of purchase) for a FULL 100% refund. 

Total Value: $322

Today's Price is $197

*This is a onetime payment of $197. There are no hidden fees and absolutely no recurring charges. Go through the training an unlimited number of times (it's all pre-recorded). Includes a 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee.
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