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  • The Bathroom Blueprint: Our Digital Ebook of 17 Bathroom Drain & Vent Diagrams...

Plus You Get These FREE Bonuses...

  • Free Bonus #1:  A 9-Minute Crash Course in DWV Fittings
    This video training gets you up to speed on the major fittings needed to plumb a code approved drain & vent system.
  • Free Bonus #2: Two Additional Bonus Bathrooms
    You get the plans for 2 identical bathrooms right on top of each other (one bathroom is on floor-1 and the other is on floor-2).
  • ​Free Bonus #3:  Lifetime Access to the Cheat Sheet Archive
    A collection of our best "How-To Articles" and "Cheat Sheets" to ensure your next project turns out great.
  • ​Free Bonus #4: How to Draw Simple Plumbing Diagrams
    Some codes require you to submit a 3D isometric drawing before starting certain projects. This video training shows you how to draw these diagrams your building department wants.
  • Free Bonus Bonus #5: When To Install the 3" Vent
    Certain codes require an oversized 3" or 4" vent to provide adequate ventilation for the building sewer. Determining when this oversized vent needs installed can even confuse pros. But after you watch this short video, you'll know when (and how) to install this oversized vent. 

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These are real customer reviews:

"I No Longer Feel Intimidated"

Now I know what all those fittings are for and where to use them. I no longer feel intimidated when I go to the plumbing department. Awesome. Worth every penny.

-Jim (Alvin, TX)

DIYer Passes Inspection...

“I was able to pass a complete plumbing job inspection!” 

-David (Bellevue, WA)

Perfect For Visual Learners

Fantastic resource. For someone like me who is a visual learner, this is an invaluable tool. The educational value alone is well worth the money, not to mention the time savings you’ll get from this. Well done!!

-Tony (Whidbey Island, WA)

He Plumbed a Full Bathroom

“Extremely helpful... helped me plumb a full bathroom...would buy it right away!”

-Jorge (Pasadena, CA)

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Are there recurring monthly charges?
No...This is a onetime payment of $49. There are no hidden fees and no recurring charges.
When and how will I access to the material?
Immediately after you pay, you log into the customer area to access the material. All the diagrams & bonuses are located inside our customer area.
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Is my payment secure?
Yes. Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit SSL encrypted payment processing gateway. Stripe (our payment processor) has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry. It's why Amazon, Google, Wayfair and 1000's of other companies use Stripe...and it's why we use them too.
What happens if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
We would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase (for any reason whatsoever), email us in the first 30 days of your purchase and you will get 100% of your money back. Send the email to admin@hammerpedia.com

"It's Quick to Learn From"

“I just became a first time home owner. I’m a novice DIY plumber. I have looked at innumerable websites, youtube videos, bulletin boards and a few printed books as well. By far I got the most out of what Hammerpedia has to offer. It's clear, simple to understand, and quick to learn from. It focuses on the important. Great drawings. I was so impressed that I also signed up for the full course. I am very satisfied.”

-Bob (Fairfax, CA)

"I'm no longer at the mercy of some greedy 24 hr plumbing company who is going to charge me in excess of $200/hr"

These diagrams are fantastic. Having every fitting and every drain pipe size labeled gives me confidence to order everything I need when I go to the supply house. After studying the "blueprints", I can now have conversations with the master plumber who is consulting me and understand his directions and advice. These diagrams and access to the website was well worth the $50. Having a plan going in will save me $100's. With this set of blueprints I am no longer at the mercy of some greedy 24 hour plumbing company who is going to charge me in excess of $200/hr. for something I can do myself. 

-Jonathan (Colorado)

DIYer saved $17,000

“Because the plumbing labor alone was going to be over $17,000, I had decided to plumb it myself. Now I feel like I can do it with confidence!”

-Grant (Rapid City, SD)

"I'll now be able to do 
the plumbing myself..."

“Your diagrams make it easy to see exactly how to plumb a bathroom properly. As we plan to build our retirement home and do as much of the labor as possible, I'll now be able to do the plumbing myself and save a lot of money.”

-Walter (Tampa, FL)

"Worth Every Dollar Spent"

“Although there wasn't a diagram that matched my configuration perfectly, I was able to combine diagrams to figure out exactly what I needed. It was super helpful and worth every dollar spent. I would love to see some diagrams for the kitchen and laundry room."

-David (Greenfield, IN)

Perfect for "Hands on Learners"

"I am a hands on tradesman for over 35 years. I do many different trades. Most tradesmen I know did not go to college because most have ADD and a few other letters in the alphabet...but we are hands on learners. We are the type of people who do not get text book or class room learning to good. This has great graphics, a twist of humor and that kept me interested long enough to get it. A clear explanation of how it works with codes mentioned to boot."
-David (Midwest)
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